Life and War with Mikey Fatboy Delgado
Monday, May 15, 2017
The Standard
The readers of the Boston Evening Transcript
Sway in the wind like a field of ripe corn
. - TS Eliot

Lucky them. My daughter’s madeleine
will be the smell of fine dust in the long tunnels,
and the perching seats in the bright carriages
where readers of newspapers stumble
like thrown sheep as the brakes are applied
in a flourish of stopping, and the train slows
into the thin tube of yellow platform light.

The doors slide and people tumble like bruised fruit
from burst boxes. Others take their places,
bewildered and dumb, done with duty, sleepwalking
to their stables and pens and batteries.
Cables are pulling us to pay-day,
to the early darkness of the suburbs,
to the dormitories above the paved over fields.


from Last Night's Dream Corrected

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